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My name is Terry Ryan and I have always been interested in healthy eating. Growing up our family had a garden in the summer and we ate raw, cooked and home-canned vegetables; however, somewhere on the way I strayed away from the healthy eating and started eating  processed foods. Unfortunately, I developed an autoimmune disease years later, Hashimoto’s disease, and I suffered with debilitating fatigue, constant headaches, sore throat, and aches and pains plagued me.

I went to doctors searching for a cure but unfortunately they were of little help. I felt depressed and helpless.confused-person-7825511

After years of researching medical books and websites, I empowered myself and healed my autoimmune disease by eating clean and healthy, mostly organic, drinking lots of water, juicing for 3 months straight, giving up sugar and alcohol and eating absolutely NO GLUTEN!

If you want to see a great video about a doctor who cured her MS by changing the way she ate click this link. http://youtu.be/ypqaogsfw6k

I eventually wrote a book that you can purchase for $3.99  here on autoimmune diseases.

Not one method fits everyone with autoimmune disease as far as the “cure,” but I will recommend that you start by changing one bad habit at a time…like eating sweets…and see how that goes, then try another, and always buy organic, if you can. We have a wonderful organic farm located in Sarasota, FL where you can buy vegetables. I am there almost every week stocking up.

You can always check this website weekly to see what new tips and stories I have on here. I truly believe that everything related to autoimmune disease can be at least put into remission by cleaning up your diet.

  • How to cleanup you diet?
  • Kick fast food to the curb
  • Eat organic when you can
  • Drink lots of spring water
  • Skip coffee
  • No alcohol
  • Say NO to sugar
  • Absolutely NO gluten

It is a little to give up for a BIG return in health.

By the way, feeling better does not happen overnight. It happens in little steps. After all, it took years of junk eating to turn on your autoimmune disease. Have patience and stick to it!

I also recommend taking the following supplements:

  • D3
  • Vitamin C
  • Selenium
  • Magnesuim

Note:  I am not a doctor nor pretend to be an expert in autoimmune disease. I can only tell you my experience. If you go to your conventional doctor and you ask him/her if eating better will cure your fibro, CFS, MS, thyroid disease…etc. they will say POPPYCOCK! They were not taught this in med school.

In my search for the CURE I also tried VERY EXPENSIVE holistic/alternative doctors who did nothing for me except make my bank account poorer. Okay, at least I gave it a try but let me save you from wasting your money. There is nothing they can do for you that you cannot do for yourself. Just clean up your diet, give up a few things and gain some great health. What do you have to lose?  Are you really going to miss the fast food restaurants. Nooooo!

Good luck and take care!

To your health!!!!

Terry Ryan





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