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According to dieticians at Northwestern University, the Jenny Craig system does have its drawbacks.  For instance, it offers little in the way of fiber, and those who follow the program may not consume enough iron and zinc.  Consequently, the program may be difficult for women of child-bearing age who need a great deal of iron in their diet in order to prevent anemia.  Also, since Jenny Craig supplies the food, clients do not learn how to prepare their own low-calorie meals.

As a result, once you stop using Jenny Craig, you could find your weight skyrocketing upward.   Moreover, Northwestern dieticians say that the company’s counselors have limited training, meaning that the individual consultations with clients are less effective than they could be.  In addition, there’s little in the way of a support network for Jenny Craig clients, since there are no regular support group meetings.  Because nine out of every ten Jenny Craig customers are women, men may not be comfortable taking part.  Jenny Craig’s weight maintenance program is also expensive–$200 a year.

Is the Jenny Craig program appropriate for you?  The answer depends largely on your personal preferences.  If you do not want the hassle of having to shop for your own low-fat food, Jenny Craig offers an attractive option.  Also, if you believe in a go-it-alone approach to weight loss, Jenny Craig may be perfectly acceptable.  However, if you want professional weight loss advice, you do not like the idea of buying company food, and you want to meet and talk with other men or women who are trying to lose weight, another program might be more appropriate.   As always, talk at length with your doctor before beginning any serious weight loss program.

The Phentermine Diet

Phentermine is a presciption that your doctor can prescribe for weight loss.  It speeds up your metabolism and curbs your appetite.  I took an interest in Phentermine when my neighbor lost 30 pounds in 4 months.  In Sarasota, FL, where I live, there are many doctors that specialize in weight loss. The problem with these doctors are they normally do not take insurance and are very expensive. I went to a weight loss doctor to try the Phentermine diet where lab tests were ordered first (I had my regular GP write the script for the lab tests so they would be covered by insurance and had a copy sent to the weight loss doctor) and I was weighed and blood pressured taken. I did turn down the picture taking, not wanting to be included in their album out in the lobby of the before and after pictures. I was given the prescription right there in the office for a week supply, upsold a couple of supplements, given a B12  shot in the butt, and sent on my merry way.

I did lose weight the first week and went back for more pills. Unfortunately, my blood pressure started to register too high (cause of the pill) and I also had trouble getting any sleep so decided to go off the Phentermine Diet by week 3.  By the way, the neighbor who lost  the weight on the Phentermine Diet gained all the weight back.  If you would like to learn more about Phentermine, I recomment this book:

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