Summer Corn Salad by Terry Ryan

This is a easy and tasty summer salad.

Summer Corn Salad Recipe

1 Can of Corn (no added sugar)
2 Seedless English cucumbers
1 Pint of cherry tomatoes
1 Lime
1/4 Cup of Olive Oil
3 Leaves of fresh basil
2 Ounces of feta cheese
3 Tablespoons of Newman’s Italian dressing

Drain the can of corn and put in bowl with sliced cucumbers, halved tomatoes, and feta cheese. Add lime juice, olive oil and Italian dressing. Slice basil into thin slices and mix into salad.



Note: My guests loved it but I thought it could have used a tablespoon of honey and chopped fresh avocado. Next time I may add these touches.

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Here’s the story. I have a house guest that has been staying with us for a few weeks. She  was transferred for work to Tampa, about an hour from my house, so she is staying with us while her husband sells their northern home and moves down.

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I want to point out that it was my guest that texted me this recipe late at night from her bedroom to mine. Hmmm.. I take that as a hint. She wants me to make this recipe. Okay, I’m game. And what a wonderful dish and EASY recipe. Great dish to bring to potlucks!


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