Higher Vibrational Spirituality Book By Tanya Jopson, Spirit Coach

Is life living you or are you living life (authentically)?

Is life living you or are you living life (authentically)? Knowing the difference enables you to live a personally fulfilling reality?

In this enlightening book, is a complete presentation of a spiritual process that will empower us to live a spirit-guided-life. When we live life guided by spirit, or as one with our higher-self, we are then living life authentically. This guidance works well, if we trust it, and is often known to come from our higher-self, an aspect of our total energy-body or our unseen existence, and it is always divinely connected to that which created us.

In order to know this part of ourselves, we can apply a simple but effective evaluation of our own work. Is our work forced, planned, intentional, and thought-led, or is it inspirational, intuitive, natural and spontaneous? This book delivers a message of love and guidance for the ascension of human life. Wherever we find our-self, there, too, is the Creator’s presence, in stillness, as it awaits our recognition. Our choice is: do we recognize life in this moment, from physical world dominance, or from a fully engaged spiritual world presence? The dramas of life are simply the mirror of our mind and will eventually be replaced with the reflection that mirrors the Creator’s intent.

To suffer in life is a challenging but valid lesson, when it leads to an expanded awareness. When we can detach enough from allowing the phenomena of thoughts, emotions, identity, concepts and ideas to dominate, we gain engagement of a higher resonance, one which is above the frequency we are now experiencing. Our perception then clears enough to illuminate a far greater reality, one filled with joy, love, compassion, being, inspiration, intuition, peace and unity, where we know, “We live in the world, but not of the world.”

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The words within these pages will help you quickly see through situations and experiences to illuminate the dynamics of the frequency scale and its connection to each person’s individual spiritual path. This scale extends beyond the measuring capabilities of the scientific world. Within these pages we will venture on both sides of the veil and illuminate just how the veil eventually disappears, bringing spirit-led life into our daily reality. Our perception of reality is incredible because whatever is contained within, will also be found in our daily life. In the case of our perception being filled with dramatic life content, we actually thicken the veil over the clear action of our I AM presence. Should we work to clear the lens of perception, our I AM presence filters in causing more transmutation and clearing as we simultaneously ascend the vibrational frequency scale. Whatever is on the lens of our perception is guaranteed to be manifested and returned as what we recognize as our reality and our world.

Patience is essential to any spiritual unfolding…

Patience is essential to any spiritual unfolding, and reading these words gives you the space to ponder and compare, see and expand, and then, finally, consciously accept if you choose to be one with the consciousness of this intelligent, creative life-source that is the Mind of God.

By Tanya Jopson, Life Coach

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